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Protection and Emergencies:

Oil Sector Services Company plays a vital role in connection with fire fighting, rescue and emergency activities in the oil sector.  . The Company extends considerable attention to matters related to risks  and emergencies in the oil sector such as fire prevention and protection, firefighting, and addressing and confronting emergencies. Indeed this aspect is of the utmost importance to the company because it involves the safety of life, properties and the means and resources of production. This intensive care is complemented  with continuous development of human capabilities and technological means t hat are instrumental in safeguarding those resources at a high level of effectiveness. The following are a number of the achievements made by the Support Services Department – (Fire) during the period from April 2011 to April 2012.


1) Provision of Manpower for the Oil Sector

 The company is the main provider  of specialized manpower for providing the oil sector  with  manpower in the fields of fire fighting, rescue and emergencies in all job categories. OSSC now has 336 firemen, senior firemen and fire fighting equipment operators seconded to oil sector companies and working at various locations for and under the technical supervision of those companies, although they report administratively to OSSC.

 2) Training  

  1. A course for qualifying 81 firemen for promotion to the level of senior firemen.  
  2. Theoretical and practical training of firemen  working at Kuwait Gulf Oil Company – Wafra Operations - on the operation of respiration device.
  3. Training and qualifying a number of Kuwait National Petroleum Company employees on firefighting fundamentals, in order to enable them to participate in fire fighting  activities. .
  4. Training a number of affiliate companies contractors and employees on the fundamentals of firefighting work.  

3) Forming a Committee for Setting up a

Hazardous Materials Center (Hazmat)


In conjunction with the competent companies within the oil sector, OSSC formed a committee whose mandate is to conduct a study on the establishment of the first specialized center for the management and handling of hazardous materials in the oil sector. The committee comprises a select group of fire engineers from all the oil sector companies, under the chairmanship of the leader of the Technical Support Team at OSSC. The work of the committee is nearing completion.

 4)    Community Service:

 A training program was designed specifically for the Ministry of Education schools to train the Ministry teachers and students on the basic techniques of firefighting, self protection, evacuation and assisting others.

 The program is part of the awareness programs organized by the Oil Sector Services Company for all ministries and state authorities, with a view to protect life and property.

 As part of an education program concerning fire incidents and increasing awareness of their danger, the Support Services Department (Firefighting) trained teachers of the Arab American Academy, explained the types of violations and how to address them, protection against fire hazards and performing all safety requirements, by following the protection guidelines for the safety of life and property against fire hazards.

 5) MSEOC Project:

 Efforts continue to be made to establish  MSEOC project at Al-Ahmadi. The concept and detailed design works have already been completed as well as the preparation of the tender documents for the establishment of the center. The tender will be announced shortly and works on the projected are expected to start during fiscal year 2012/2013. The center will be equipped with all types of vehicles for firefighting, rescue and emergency work  such as fire vehicles, foam containers, water tanks, rotating high-rise ladders, rescue vehicles  and command and control vehicles.

 The center will provide a wide range of services to the oil sector such as general support and emergency services, fire fighting and rescue operations, as needed, training, maintenance of the equipment and vehicles, technical support, advice on fire prevention and protection, determining the fire fighting and emergency requirements for new projects and installations, and in audit and inspection activities.

 The center project comprises two branches, one at Al-Magwaa (within the boundaries of the KAFCO site), which is currently under construction and the other at Ratqa. The company is currently conducting a feasibility study for the construction of a third branch for the center at Wafra. 

 6) Sub-Support Center at Al-Magwaa (KAFCO)

The repair and restoration works of this center's main building have been completed and staffing work is underway. The center will be opened shortly to serve Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company (KAFCO), Kuwait National Petroleum Company's  Local Marketing and Sabhan Depot and Kuwait Oil Company's facilities at Al-Magwaa.

OSSC has signed an agreement with Mohamed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi Company for the supply of 4 fire engines from BAI Company, Italy, which is specialized in this type of vehicles, in order to equip the Secondary Support Center with the most  technically advanced equipment and vehicles.

 7) Merging the Fire Fighting Activities

Pursuant to the guidelines issued by KPC, the company has conducted studies, prepared drafts of agreements for the merging of the fire, rescue and emergency activities (manpower, equipment, systems, materials and duties) of all the oil sector companies and bringing them under the umbrella of OSSC.

 These studies and agreements were examined and discussed with a large number of companies such as Petrochemical Industries Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company, and one agreement was signed by KAFCO. Agreements with the other companies are under discussion.