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  General Services

General Services

Commercial Affairs and General Services Department

The Commercial Affairs and General Services Department was keen to develop its activities and build up its capabilities for responding, in a flexible and effective manner,  to the changing needs in view of the expansion of the Department's operations, by providing the needs to the company's own departments and the affiliated oil companies and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Within this framework, the name of the General Services Department was changed to the "Commercial Affairs and General Services Department" to reflect the extended work requirements and reflect the nature of the Department's activities.

The year 2011-2012 presented indications for new agreements to promote the various fields of work, and the Commercial Affairs and General Services Department modernized its operations and procedures in the Department sections, which included general services, contracts and purchases).

During the year 2011/2012, the Department accomplished the following achievements:

First, accomplishments of the Public General Services Section:

1. Many contracts were implemented by public services, including stationery services, maintenance of indoor plants, restoration and renovation of several locations  at the head office of the company, preparing contracts for the rental of the ninth and tenth floors of Al-Salam Building to cover the needs of the departments the company, provision of cars for the company and its associated locations, hospitality services for the company, cleaning services for the company and its associated  locations).
2. New systems was developed and implemented for warehouse, inventory and material control.
3. The annual Umrah pilgrimage trip for 100 employees was arranged by the Travel DepartmentDesk.
4. A 50 hours / person / year local and external training for permanent staff was performed.
5. A committee to investigate oil sector incidents was formed and three training programs for contractors' workers were conducted (first aid, firefighting, safety).
6. A system for maintenance service follow-up and controlling the provision of hospitality and cleaning services by conducting field tours for the Department staff were developed.
7. A study was completed for providing certain services such as low value contracts due to the repeated requests sent to the Department for such items as office furniture, comprehensive maintenance, stationery, etc.) in order to facilitate the work mechanism and speed work execution.
8. Quality procedures and regulations were implemented according to ISO standards

Second: Contract-related Achievements of the Commercial Affairs Section

 Procedures were updated and developed and a contract management system (CMS) was drawn  by measuring the contract operations of the Commercial Affairs and General Services Department with the KPC subsidiary companies, drawing a flowchart for the process stages in addition to the establishment of a data base that provides comprehensive information  about the Contracts and Purchasing Section. 9 tenders were  completed and executed at various stages and forms for regulating contract procedures were prepared. These include:

1. Request For Contract Action  
2.  Bidder Receiving Tender Sign Sheet Form
3.  Contract Financial Approval                                              
4.  Pre-Tender Meeting Form
5.  Meeting Attendance form
6.  Tender Schedule Form
7.  Contract Preparation Checklist
8.  Closing Bids Box Sheet
9.  Open Bids Form                       
10. Signing Contract Checklist
11. Variation Order Request.

New contract policies were drawn in order to match the steady development of the work methodology through the organization of a workshop with all the departments of the company with a view to optimize performance and value in a timely manner.


Third: Achievements with Regard to Purchasingin Purchasing Section:

The purchasing mechanism was developed at the department by following the following procedures:

- Setting up a  request for quotation system (RFQ).
- Creating a new tender box for the Purchasing Section.
- Creating purchasing @ ossc.com.kw  email to interact with suppliers.
- Preparing companies pre-qualification flowchart
-Designing new forms to request registration of suppliers and contractors in order to pre-qualify them.